A native question showed up not long ago:

Can you focus on some of the small towns that as a native I didn’t know even existed? That would be interesting. Do we have a Hades, AZ?

Far as I know, there is no Hades, Arizona. But if there were such a place, it would certainly be somewhere along I-8 between Gila Bend and Yuma. Satan could put his feet up and relax around those parts.

There is an Arizona company named Hades that puts on dance parties for marketing, or something like that. Seems odd, but I suppose if you provide enough booze or attractive humans, people will show up for anything.

But Arizona does have Why, Rye, Nothing, Valentine, Gripe and Bumble Bee, among many others. Valentine is up along Route 66 (about 10 miles south of busy, sprawling Truxton) and was named after the guy who was the Commissioner of Indian Affairs way back when. It doesn’t seem to take much imagination to name a town after a person. That would be like me finding a wide spot in the road somewhere and naming it John. But then my name is synonymous with bathrooms and customers of hookers, so that could be confusing.